Jun. 12, 2017

Apple Watch 3 Could be Coming With a Round Display

Apple smartwatches are a thing of envy, and there isn’t a doubt about it. The original device was the first device was launched in 2015, so the company is fairly new in the market for a smartwatch. While the Series 1 and 2 was launched in 2016, we are now waiting for the next Apple Watch which is the Apple Watch 3. There is no word on when the piece of the device will be available, but that hasn’t deterred fans and tech gurus creating rumors and making speculation on the Watch 3. Now we have heard that the device will be available with round download display that will mark a shifting from the square dial which is basically the signature if Apple Watches.

It has been predicted that the wearable is going become a craze in the world. Tech gurus predict the future of the smart watch which of course is very bright. While we can’t wait to get our hands on the device but until then we only have to wait for the more rumors and speculations to brighten our day. Not just for Apple, the smart watch industry as a whole is going see a huge surge in the future. It is being predicted that there will be some 7.5 million smart watches that’ll be having cellular connectivity within the next few years, which is great, to tell you the least. Moreover, there are reports that smartphones will basically make up 30 percent of the wearable market in the next few years.

To recall the first Apple Watch was launched back in April 2015 and went on to become hugely popular and selling some 4.2 million watches by the end of the year. Next, they launched the Apple Watch 1 and Apple Watch 2 in 2016 whose sale also sky-rocketed. But the latter watches were only a slight upgrade for the original but hope is that the Apple Watch 3 will be having to come with a lot many changes for the better and new is one of those better things is a round dial.

It’s worth noting that the new is largely speculative in nature. That the Watch 3 will be far better than the last one is given because the previous one wasn’t much of an upgrade than the one before. There is various new news emerging online that suggest a number of new features for the Apple Watch 3. Because the upcoming iPhone 8 is speculated to be coming with an AMOLED screen, we think that the Apple Watch 3 will be arriving with a similar display; besides the predecessor too had the same screen display.

There are more rumors suggesting that the new smartwatch will be arriving with the wireless changing technology that everyone is talking about. It is given that the watch would be arriving with the wireless charger because that is the technology of the future. Even several companies are installing hotspots in public place where one can use recharge their technical stuff. That is all we know for the Apple Watch 3 but beware that all these are just rumors and should only be taken with a pinch of salt.